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ACE offers attorneys and judges activities they can use when they are invited to speak to adult civic and community groups. Increasing public awareness of how the government and courts work is a critical mission for The Louisiana Center for Law and Civic Education. An informed public is the best defense of the rule of law and a fair and impartial judiciary. ACE programs, including hand-outs PowerPoint slides are available online and are grouped in three categories:

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  • Constitution and the Bill of Rights

  • Courts and the Judicial Branch

  • Special Topics

CLE Credit
Pending approval, attorneys are eligible to earn CLE credit for taking ACE training seminars and for making ACE presentations to the community. Sign up with the Louisiana Center for Law and Civic Education to learn about presentation opportunities. To order free Constitution pamphlets for your presentation in Louisiana, call the LCLCE office 504-619-0134.

ACE Topics                                   
Constitution and the Bill of Rights
Activities in this category examine methods of amending Louisiana's Constitution and the limited role the courts have in that process; the method by which a judge would weigh a law whose constitutionality is being challenged; the rights included in the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution; and an exploration of the courts and the Constitution through a case study.

  • What's Not in the Bill of Rights?

  • Is it Unconstitutional? The Case of the Scarlet Tag

  • Case Study: Is It Reasonable?

  • Florida v. Jardines

Courts and the Judicial Branch
ACE activities in this category include explorations of the way labels are used to explain judicial decisions; how judges approach making their rulings and the factors they must consider; how judges are elected in Louisiana and how Louisiana's merit selection/retention process works; and the role of juries.

  • How to Judge Judicial Candidates

  • Judge for Yourself

  • Sorting Out the Courts

  • Six Ordinary People: The Role of Juries

  • What the Law Means

Special Topics
ACE activities in this category include testing participants' basic knowledge about the structure and function of the government as well as an examination of voting practices historically and currently in the United States.

  • Could You Pass the Test?

  • Voting: Who Has the Right?

More About the ACE Program
We're glad you want to make an ACE presentation! These ACE tools will help you get started. Included are:
Why ACE Matters
Civic groups interested in having ACE presentations
Civic group request form for presentations 
ACE presenter enrollment form to make presentations
Tips for making a good ACE presentation

Request a Speaker or Become a Speaker
To request a speaker for your group, please download the ACE civic group request form and submit it to the LCLCE, 601 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70130 by fax 504-528-9154 or by email, peggy.cotogno@lsba.org.

Legal professionals can become an ACE speaker and earn CLE by attending ACE training seminars. When training is completed, sign up to make ACE presentation with the LCLCE. ACE sign up form.

Constitution Pamphlet
ACE speakers may request up to 50 copies of the Constitution Pamphlet, which also contains the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. Send requests to peggy.cotogno@lsba.org or call (504) 619-0134.

For more information, contact peggy.cotogno@lsba.org.

These materials have been adapted, with permission from The Florida Bar Benchmarks Adult Civic Education Program, for use in Louisiana. Principal authors of the Florida Benchmarks Program are Annette Boyd Pitts and Richard Levenstein. For assistance with adaptation in other states, contact staff@flrea.org.