2010 Summer Institute

The 2010 Summer Institute was an intensive seven-day We the People program conducted on the Louisiana State University Law School campus. Six distinguished constitutional scholars from across the country were on hand to provide in-depth training on the Constitution. The culminating activity was a simulated congressional hearing competition by the teacher participants. 

2011 Summer Institute

The 2011 Summer Institute, a four-day program, consisted of Order in the Court and We the People. Order in the Court provided teachers with instructional materials and lesson plans on the role of the judiciary and the way cases are processed. It was taught by a faculty composed of Louisiana state and federal judges, administrative law judges, and hearing officers. We the People provided interactive teacher training in the nationally acclaimed civics curriculum which culminates in a simulated congressional hearing. Teachers received a set of free We the People textbooks.

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Louisiana Summer Institutes

2012 Summer Institute

The 2012 program covered two highly acclaimed civics curriculums, We the People and Street Law. There was also an interactive segment on mock trials and the Honorable Scott Crichton, President of the Louisiana District Judges Association, addressed attendees on Sexting,Texting and Beyond. The Institute also included dialogue on the Citizens, Not Spectators program, a prepared voting curriculum that can earn schools up to $300 for the purchase of law related materials.