Law Related Links

American Bar Association 

Largest voluntary professional association in the world.

Baton Rouge Bar Association:

Connect to the home page for association information and activities.


Web site for International civic education practitioners.

Constitutional Rights Foundation: 

Lesson plans and training opportunities on US Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

Constitutional Rights Foundation – Chicago:

Lessons, texts, training opportunities to advance LRE.

Court System

Legal & Law Enforcement Office Locations, Hours, & Phone Numbers

Lafayette Bar Association: 

Connect to Association information and activities.

League of Women Voters:

Tools to get involved in the democratic process at the federal, state and local levels.

Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement:

Criminal justice and juvenile justice system and promotes public safety.

Louisiana Department of Education:

Connect to the home page for latest Information. e.asp

Louisiana Department of Justice 

Web site of the Attorney General of the State of Louisiana.

Louisiana Department of Public Safety:

Connect for Traffic Law Enforcement Resources and Information.

Louisiana Public Broadcasting

Resources for educators. Download LegalEASE teacher resource guides to spark class discussions about the law.

Louisiana School Boards Association:

Provides pertinent information and research in education.

Louisiana State Bar Association:

Connect to the home page for Association information and activities.

Louisiana State Legislature: 

Home page Information for Louisiana's Legislative Branch of Government.

The National Center for State Courts’ Justice Case Files: a graphic novel series.

New Orleans Bar Association:

Connect to the home page for Association information and activities.

Shreveport Bar Association:

Connect to home page for Association information and activities.

Social Studies School Service:

Resources and Supplementary materials for schools.

StreetLaw Inc.

Lessons, texts and training for Law Studies educators and students

White House:

Site for young Americans to connect with the white house.


Daily updates on political issues in Louisiana.

Louisiana Center for Law and Civic Education

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