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Sample Lesson Plans and Resources

The Louisiana Center for Law and Civic Education, the public education partner of the Louisiana State Bar Association, offers lesson plans for your use.  

Foundation of America

  • Recognize the history and content of the United States Constitution 
  • Analyze the Constitution to determine guarantees and protections 
    Explains the significance of the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution,
            the Pledge of Allegiance and the Federalist Papers


  • Explanation of Federalism
  • Three levels of government; and
  • The importance of the system of checks and balances.

Federal Government

  • Recognize the qualifications f the United States Congress members, the President and the
            Vice President, and the Supreme Court Justices

  • Identify powers of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the federal government
  • Comprehend the complexity of how a bill becomes a law, and
  • The roles of the federal court

Juveniles in the United States

  • Details the goals of juvenile justice; and
  • Explains how the legal system deals with juvenile offenders. 

Rights and Responsibilities of American Citizens

  • Explains how a person becomes an American citizen
  • The roles of citizens in the United States
  • Describes the roles and influence of political parties

State Government

  • ​Identify the structure of state government; and
  • Recognize the functions of state legislatures, governors, and the courts.

Local Government

  • The structure of local governments;
  • The impact local governments have on our daily lives; and
  • The roles of members of local government. 

The Legal System in the United States

  • Understanding how the legal system works
  • Why laws are necessary
  • Discussion - how cases proceed through civil and criminal courts 

One Hour Presentations

  • The legal system
  • Juries
  • The Fourth Amendment
  • Criminal trial
  • Many more...

List of Grade Specific Lesson Plans (Elementary, Middle and High School)

  • Contact LCLCE office for web links to listed programs.

No Vehicles in the Park

This is an excellent presentation for lawyers and judges to conduct for students in grades 6-12 when invited to speak in classrooms. Activity has students role play being an attorney, a judge and a prosecuting attorney as they grapple over the intent of the law versus the letter of the law as passed by a fictitious city council in Anytown, USA. Lasts about 45 minutes to one hour.

Candy Bar Contract

Teach students in Grades 3 through 6 about the concept of contracts by using an all time favorite prop, candy bars. It is recommended that you bring with you candy bars to distribute to the entire class at the end of the presentation. Length of time: 15-45 minutes.

Bill of Rights - Freedom of Speech

Steps to Mediation

Oftentimes, legal professionals are called to talk about the concept of mediation. The steps offered in this section are tried and true for school age students. They offer an excellent approach to resolving conflicts in the schools.