Justice Catherine D. Kimball Summer Institute

We the People: Civics That Empowers All Students

June 23-28, 2024
Chief Justice Pascal F. Calogero, Jr. Courthouse 
400 Royal Street
New Orleans

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Louisiana Center for Law and Civic Education

Judges in the Classroom/Students in the Courtroom


Project Citizen

The Project Citizen curriculum is active citizenship at its best. It engages young people in cooperative, project-based learning as they work as a class to monitor and influence public policy locally. Students identify a problem in their community, research alternative policy-based solutions, develop a class policy proposal to address the problem, and design a political action plan to convince public officials to adopt and implement the policy. The Louisiana State Coordinator is Dr. Belinda Cambre, who can be contacted at bcambre@LSU.edu 

Join the Project Citizen Research Program! Open to 7th- to 12th-grade teachers new to using the Project Citizen curriculum, this program will provide you with free professional development, a set of books for use with your students, and a modest stipend for your efforts. The professional development for teachers begins in the summer of 2020. For more information click here.


​LCLCE  programs are made possible by private donations received from members of the Louisiana legal community, and through the support of the Louisiana State Bar Association, Louisiana District Judges Association, and the Louisiana Bar Foundation.

Congressional District and State Congressional Hearing Competitions

Open Doors to Federal Courts

U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana (New Orleans, La.)

This program is offered in partnership with the Federal Court and is made available to high school seniors attending schools in the 13 parishes that comprise the Eastern District of Louisiana.  These students are invited into the Court for a day long program conducted in conjunction with the Administrative Office of the Court's outreach effort.  The objective of the program is to aid in teaching about the role, structure and operations of the federal court in an interactive way, to put a human face on the justice system and to make students aware of the role of the court in balancing liberties and community safety. 

The goal of the Citizens, Not Spectators program is to increase the voting rate among young Americans by providing engaging voter education to students. To accomplish this goal, this program offers a curriculum that demystifies the voting process by teaching students how to cast a vote, how the voting process works, how to become an informed voter, and why it is important to cast an informed vote. The curriculum focuses on hands-on, active learning. Using actual voter registration forms and ballots, students receive instruction in how to register and cast a vote in a simulated election. Citizens, Not Spectators can be taught at any time, but is most effective when the course culminates around the time of an actual federal, state, or local election. This program is made possible through a cooperative effort by the Center for Civic Education and the Arsalyn Program of Ludwick Family Foundation. 


"We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution" is a national program directed by the Center for Civic Education. Based on curriculum designed to promote a deeper understanding of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the goal is to promote civic competence and responsibility among elementary and secondary students.

All three levels of We the People: The Citizen & the Constitution are aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

Each year, Louisiana students statewide compete and demonstrate their mastery of the Constitution. The LCLCE hosts the high school Congressional District Competitions and the Louisiana State Competition. The state champions travel to Washington D.C. in the spring to represent their state in the “We the People” national finals. 

The Lawyers in the Classroom and Judges in the Classroom programs provide volunteer professionals from the legal community an opportunity to enhance civics and law related education in Louisiana classrooms. Thousands of students statewide benefit from this program every year.

The LCLCE partners with the Louisiana State Bar Association and the Louisiana District Judges Association to bring volunteer lawyers, judges and educators together to deliver exciting, inter-active law-related presentations. These professionals will share their practical and real world experiences with students. The two programs have materials available on a wide variety of topics in the area of civics or law-related instruction. Click here for an illustrative listing of the many topics/lessons that may be utilized by  guest presenters.

For educators interested in participating in the Lawyers in the Classroom and Judges in the Classroom programs, there is no charge. To enroll, all educators need to do is complete and return this fillable enrollment form.  The LCLCE will match your classroom needs with one of the many volunteers from the legal community in your area.

For judges and lawyers interested in participating in the Lawyers in the Classroom/Judges in the Classroom programs, all you have to do is complete and return this enrollment form. The LCLCE will attempt to match you with one of the classrooms in your area. Once a match is found, the LCLCE will contact you.

Many presentations are held in honor of Law Day which is celebrated on or around May 1st and Constitution Day which is celebrated on or around September 17th.

LCLCE  programs are made possible by private donations received from members of the Louisiana legal community, and through the support of the Louisiana State Bar Association, Louisiana District Judges Association, and the Louisiana Bar Foundation.


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Looking for “We the People” Alumni!

Did you participate in the “We the People” simulated congressional hearing competitions in high school? Would you like to stay involved as alumni of this amazing law related educational experience? Would you like to be kept informed of current “We the People” activities in your area, receive networking opportunities with other alumni and hear about volunteer opportunities?   If so, please contact Tyler Barker, the Louisiana STAR (State Alumni Representative) at tbarker@tulane.edu or call the LCLCE at 504-619-0134 with your current contact information.


iCivics is an innovative web-based civic education project targeting teachers and students with games and lessons designed to reinforce Louisiana's civics and government standards. iCivics is the vision of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

The links below will take you to the curriculum units and lessons.


The iCivics site includes a wide range of games that can be used at home or in the classroom to reinforce content.


A teacher's guide can be located at the link below to help you get started using iCivics in your classroom and keep track of student assignments.

Teacher's Guide 


Citizens, Not Spectators