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  • Gerald B. Webre
  • Robert Wiegand II
  • Patrick H. Yancey

The Louisiana Center for Law and Civic Education (LCLCE) is the public education arm of the Louisiana State Bar Association. ​Programs are made possible by private donations from members of the Louisiana legal community. ​​ The LCLCE is financially assisted, in part, by the Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts program through the ​Louisiana Bar Foundation.

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    Hon. June Berry Darensburg
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  • Franklin V. Endom Jr.

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Louisiana Center for Law and Civic Education Donors

Thank you for your generous donations and your continued support in assisting the Louisiana Center for Law  and Civic Education in its mission to disseminate quality law and civic education programs throughout Louisiana. Together we can deliver to our young people and educators an increased understanding and respect  for the law and the legal system by promoting the rule of law in a democratic society. ​